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During last weekend's Fuck Yeah Fest, Myself and Richard Kill Hippies staggered down the streets of Echo Park, interviewing musicians and music lovers alike, with the intentions of posting them on Get the Door, It's Matzah. In addition, I also planned to post several interviews taken about the festival in the following days after the fest. This interview was taken with Buddyhead's Travis Keller, the man everyone loves to hate, a few days after the event. He sat down to chat with Get the Door, It's Matzah using AIM and talked about Live 8, his experience at Fuck Yeah Fest, and Darker My Love. Enjoy...

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Travis Keller

Matzah: So, you went to Fuck Yeah Fest. What are your thoughts?

Travis Keller: I was really impressed by the fact that the entire event was put together by an 18 (?) year old. Good work, little Mr. Sean Blacklist. It was a really cool event, unlike anything I've ever been too. The energy level was really high and the vibes were positive. Plus, who can beat 30 plus bands for $7? You can’t really.

Matzah: Why is it important to support events like this?

Travis Keller: I just think events like this are cool and unique, and if you want more cool and unique events popping up, then support the ones we've got. Plus, what the fuck else is there to do? But...what the fuck is up with Sean donating some of the money he made from Fuck Yeah Fest to reopen the PCH Club? Newsflash! No one wants that place back open... ahh the found memories I have of getting my car broken in to, almost getting stabbed by the homeless guy who came in the show with a knife and my friends being mugged several times. Yeah, let's get that place back open. Good idea!

M: But you've got to respect his intentions though. He's trying to make good music more available to the kids.

TK: That place sucked...Bad idea.

M: So which Buddyhead artists played Fuck Yeah Fest?

TK: They were gonna fly Shat out, but they ended up playing Live 8 in Philidelpia instead. But Wires On Fire and Your Enemies Friends played. Wires On Fire played before Mean Reds in the Rec Center and Your Enemies Friends played the afterparty downtown.

M: How do you think the kids responded to both bands?

TK: I only saw Wires On Fire play. I don't have a car so I didnt make it downtown to see Your Enemies Friends. But, from what I could tell the kids seemed to like Wires On Fire. It was one of the first times I've seen them play where kids in the audience knew most of the words. That was surprising. Lots of energy during their set. Even more energy during Mean Reds set. I don't know if I've ever see anything like that... the singer surfing and falling across the whole crowd and then asking the entire crowd to spit on him... and they did! Bizarre!

M: Yeah, that was probably one of the most insane shows I've ever been to. Why do you think the kids responded so well?

TK: Because they're good bands. I hope that's why at least.

M: What other bands did you dig besides Wires On Fire and Your Enemies Friends?

TK: I thought Darker My Love were really good. I've seen them a bunch of times now and they just keep getting better. They're turning into a really great band. I can't wait to hear their new record, I think it's gonna be really good. I hear bits of The Velvet Underground, Jesus And Mary Chain and even some good punk in there too.

Rolling Blackouts were pretty good. I hadn't really seen them before. Nice dudes too.

Greg Ashley of Gris Gris was so good it was shocking. An unexpected highlight for me. Homeboy was killing it on the harmonica. I haven't seen his band Gris Gris yet, but I heard they kinda sound like The Gun Club and that sounds pretty fucking cool.

Giant Drag have gotten a lot better since the last time I saw em a few years ago. Their songs are pretty catchy and Annie's got some pretty funny potty humor stage banter. She told someone in the crowd to shut up or she'd shit down their throat.

M: Let's go back to Darker My Love for a little bit. Who's better, Darker My Love or Andy Granelli's former project, The Distillers?

TK: I like Darker My Love better.

M: As do I. Before we end this, do you want to talk a little bit about the direction of Buddyhead? Do you have any plans for new releases? What's with all the new stuff on your site?

TK: What do you mean about the direction?

M: Well, you've got a new page, new features, new releases...

TK: It was about time. We just put out a split EP/DVD between Mean Reds and Wires On Fire. A few months ago we put out "The Jealous Guy" seven inch from 400 Blows. Soon we'll have 2xLPs for Buring Brides "Leave No Ashes" with bonus seven inch and four new exclusive songs. And soon after that we'll be putting out a Gayrilla Biscuits full length, our label's FAGship band. Aaron [North, of Nine Inch Nails] and I are very excited about that. Shat's in the studio recording his new 69 song album, no idea when it'll be done but with new songs like "Smoke Pot", "Kill Baby" and "That Fucking Whore Gave Me Aids", it's sure to be a classic. And Wires On Fire and Your Enemies Friends will be recording full lengths sometime this year and they'll both be out early next year. And we'll be doing a few dvds in there somewhere too.

M: That's rad dude. Thanks for talking with Get the Door, It's Matzah.

TK: No, thank you.


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