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Let me start off by saying that I'm not into festivals. You gotta stand around on big grassy fields under a burning sun, stuck in-between some shirtless fat guy and drunk, screaming frat boys. It's fucking lame.

Sean Carlson's Fuck Yeah Fest was different. Last Saturday, the drunk frat boys and shirtless fat men were nowhere to be found. Hosted in Echo Park, Carlson invited a slew of fantastic bands to play together for Los Angeles' wasted youth. Other than a few complications (lines and the afterparty being my primary complaints), I had one of the most warped, awesome experiences...ever.

Myself and 'Get the Door, It's Matzah' guest reviewer/interviewer Richard Kill Hippies invaded Fuck Yeah Fest with a digital camera, a digital recorder, and a couple bottles of Skyy Vodka. Here's what happened:

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Darker My Love (© Matzah)

Matzah: Unfortunately, we arrived late and caught Darker My Love's last song. From what I remember, it was a good song. Was it their single?

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Darker My Love (© Matzah)

Richard: We got there so late cuz we were drinking. I didn't know they even had singles.

Matzah's Grade: B, We didn't exactly see enough to push the grade in either direction.
Richard Kill Hippies' Grade: A, but, as you said, I only saw one song, so i wouldn't really know how the whole set was. But Tim [lead singer of Darker My Love] uses a Russian Big Muff pedal, so A is cool with me.

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Rolling Blackouts (© Matzah)

Matzah: I've seen them before. They keep getting better and better. It sounds like they're headed in a good direction.

I've heard a recorded version of 'The Take' before, but Saturday night was my first time hearing it live. Good fucking song.

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Rolling Blackouts (© Matzah)

Richard: I didn't even see them. I meant to see them last year when my band was playing [at Fuck Yeah Fest], but I didn't even see them then. I dunno, I forget shit real fast.

Matzah's Grade: -A, the dude who ran onstage and did the robot upped Rolling Blackouts into the A range.

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Wives (© Mathew Sitta)

Richard Kill Hippies: Best show I saw of the night. The dude whose house it was in, I guess, was freaking out because it was so packed and wanted the band to play a whole other hour after they were supposed to go on.

Matzah: I was waiting for Wires on Fire through Limbeck's set.

Richard Kill Hippies: I was right in the front at the beginning and all I got was crash symbol blaring into my ear but it was fucking awesome. One of the better bands I saw that night.

Richard Kill Hippies' Grade: A. Rad band. Loud band. I like loud.
C- for the dude wanting the Wives to wait a whole other hour to play.


Matzah : So while you were at Wives, I sat around on my drunk ass during Limbeck waiting for Wires on Fire. I wasn't paying any attention. Bryan Sheffield from Doghouse was raving about them the other day too. Too bad I missed it.

Richard Kill Hippies: Wasn't All American Rejects on Doghouse?

I didn't see Limbeck. But who cares? I saw Mark from Home Improvement and that was fucking awesome!

Matzah: That was pretty rad. I got a quesadilla from him. It was actually pretty good.

Matzah's Grade: n/a

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Wires on Fire (© Matzah)

Matzah: One of the best bands of the night. I was right next to the speaker, which fucked up my ears real bad. I couldn't hear right the next morning. But, I had my digital camera in one hand and a bottle of Skyy in the other, up front for Wires on Fire, so I couldn't be happier.

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Wires on Fire (© Matzah)

Richard Kill Hippies: Sweet band! Awesome guys. I dug it. One of the better shows that I've seen em at.
was that place like an art gallery?

Matzah: Yeah, I think it was an art gallery. Also, their new drummer Darren is pretty rad. Good drummer. His style of drumming fits into Wires on Fire's sound well.

Richard Kill Hippies: Yeah, he is sweet.

Matzah: Did you see that dude humping Jeff from behind? That was hilarious.

Richard Kill Hippies: Ahah, whoah! What?

Matzah: That was one of the highlights of the set. What a good fucking band. They get better and better everyday.

Matzah's Grade: A- for the band, A for the dude who humped Jeff from behind.
Richard Kill Hippies' Grade: A-, I give the the guy working the door a C for not letting me bring my drink in.

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Mean Reds (© Matzah)

Matzah: Intimate and intense. I loved it.

Richard Kill Hippies: How were they intimate?

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Mean Reds (© Matzah)

Matzah: The band had no space, no room in between themselves and their audience.

Richard Kill Hippies: Oh, that's right...the Rec. Center. I keep thinking they played the Echo or something...that was last year.

Image hosted by
Mean Reds (© Matzah)

Richard Kill Hippies: They kinda sound like XBXRX. Nate [Harrington, still a virgin at press time] says they don't even listen to that shit though, which is funny 'cuz they sound like 'em. I dig em.

Matzah: I loved it. The boys wore matching high school wrestling outfits. Anthony [lead singer of Mean Reds] sported a homemade tattoo that reads 'Mia,' (apparently a girl he's been stalking) and claimed to smoke a joint made out of pubic hairs. I believe it. He also crowdsurfed, nearly started a riot, and had everyone in the crowd spit on him. Amazing.

Matzah's Grade: What's better than an A+? Nothing, so that's what they get.

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