Saturday, June 25, 2005

Matzah's Shows To Watch Out For - June/July Edition


Wednesday, June 29 - Vagenius @ Viper Room ($10.00)

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Giant Drag

Thursday, June 30 - Giant Drag @ Tokyo (Free)

Thursday, June 30 - Lion Fever @ Koo's ($7.00 @ door)


Friday, July 1 - Lion Fever, the Willowz @ El Cid ($5 @ Door)

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Fuck Yeah Fest

Saturday, July 2 - Fuck Yeah Fest ($7) @ Echo Park (Sea Level Records, The Echo)

Sunday, July 3 - The Mae Shi @ The Smell ($ @ door)

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Moving Units

Wednesday, July 6 - Moving Units @ Henry Fonda Theatre ($18)

Thursday, July 7 - Gram Rabbit @ Troubadour ($10)
Thursday, July 7 - Eels @ The Avalon ($25)
Friday, July 8 - Shoot Out the Lights, Tsk Tsk @ Knitting Factory ($7)
Friday, July 8 - Moving Units, The Like @ House of Blues Anaheim ($15)

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Friday, July 8 - Wives, The Pope @ The Smell ($ @ door)

Saturday, July 9 - Dungen, Mia Doi Todd @ Troubadour ($12)
Saturday, July 9 - 400 Blows @ The Smell ($ @ door)
Tuesday, July 12 - The Like @ Viper Room ($ @ door)
Tuesday, July 12 - Nicky P @ The Gig (Melrose) ($6 @ door)
Tuesday, July 12 - Billy Corgan @ Henry Fonda (Sold Out)
Wednesday, July 13 - Billy Corgan @ Henry Fonda (Sold Out)
Thursday, July 14 - Rolling Blackouts/Weird War @ Glass House ($10)
Thursday, July 14 - Dwarves, Willowz @ Troubadour ($12)
Saturday, July 16 - Sufjan Stevens @ El Rey ($17.50)
Sunday, July 17 - Some Girls @ Troubadour ($10)
Sunday, July 17 - Frausdots @ The Echo (Free)
Monday, July 18 - The Starvations @ Spaceland (Free)
Tuesday, July 19 - Vagenius @ Troubadour ($5 @ door)
Thursday, July 21 - Year Future, The Pope @ The Smell ($ @ door)
Thursday, July 21 - Go Team! @ Troubadour ($13)

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Circle Jerks

Thursday, July 21 - Circle Jerks @ The Glass House ($15)

Friday, July 22 - Go Team! @ Troubadour ($13)
Friday, July 22 - Beck, Le Tigre @ Gibson Ampitheatre (Sold Out)
Friday, July 22 - Red Onions, Rolling Blackouts @ Scene Bar ($ @ door)
Saturday, July 23 - Beck, Decemberists @ Gibson Ampitheatre (Sold Out)
Monday, July 25 - Radio Vago @ Detroit Bar (Free)
Tuesday, July 26 - Int'l Noise Conspiracy @ The Echo ($5)
Wednesday, July 27 - Int'l Noise Conspiracy @ 8714 S. Vermont ($5 @ door)
Thursday, July 28 - Bad Dudes, The Oohlas @ The Echo ($ @ door)
Friday, July 29 - The Red Onions @ The Smell ($ @ door)


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