Saturday, June 04, 2005

'Get the Door, It's Matzah' Contest - Sponsored by Buddyhead Records

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400 Blows - The Average Guy 7"

In anticipation of 400 Blows' recent 7" release on Buddyhead, titled The Average Guy, Travis Keller, one of the two masterminds behind Buddyhead, graciously offered 'Get the Door, It's Matzah' some Buddyhead swag for a contest.

So here's how this is going to work. You send an email here (or do it yourself and send it to with your name and address. Don't forget to title your email 'I Love 400 Blows'. If you're email #4, #8, or #2000, you win.

Here are the prizes:
1st - 1 Buddyhead shirt of your choice, 1 400 Blows 7", Buddyhead pins, 1 Buddyhead Compilation CD
2nd - 400 Blows 7", Buddyhead pins, 1 Buddyhead Compilation CD
3rd - 400 Blows 7"

If you are not a winner, do yourself a favor and go pick up The Average Guy from 400 Blows at Amoeba Music or at the Buddyhead Online Store. This 7" is not worth missing out on, so go get it!

Contest end date - 6/18/05


Blogger miike said...

Hey, I am digging the tracks on your page. 400 Blows is sweet. Try scoping out Tyondai Braxton's solo stuff. If you don't mind I would like to link to my mp3 blog, SMALL BEDROOM.



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