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The Intelligence (© Tim Haynes)

The Intelligence - "Let's Toil" (Single)
from "Narnack Records Is...a Fist-First Sampler of New Music" (Narnack Records)

It's often difficult to find a musician able to succeed creatively in more than one musical endeavor. Yet, Seattle's Lars Findberg has destroyed the conventions of musical success (with little recognition ironically), from the underground no less! First with Sub Pop's critically acclaimed A-Frames and Omnibus' The Dipers, Finberg began The Intelligence with members of Double Fudge and Heroic. "Let's Toil," a track from the rich Narnack Records compilation "Narnack Records Is..." (which also features The Fall, Guitar Wolf, and Fast Fourier), is Finberg's homage to his underground success, where he sings reassuringly, "I've been made perfect from practice."

Using simplicity to their advantage, The Intelligence play music just long enough to grab your attention, but short enough to make you demand more. Set to a simple guitar melody and percussion varying between a drum machine and live drums, "Let's Toil" features Finberg's moaning vocals, reminiscent of Daniel Johnston. "Let's Toil" literally toils in a subtle, lo-fi sound, which is exactly why I like it. If you dig the A-Frames, make sure to get your hands on the Narnack Records compilation or go out and buy The Intelligence' 'Boredom and Terror LP.'

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you are correct. Boredom and Terror is a lovely record.

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