Friday, April 15, 2005

Welcome Back, Matzah + GUEST POST: Evan Weiss

Well folks, I'm back. Somehow, I lost contact with you amongst my Ojai Trip, Spring Break, and my recent college excursion to NYC. For this, I apologize.

As you may or may not have noticed, I am using a new blog site, I made the switch from to in hopes of making 'Get the Door, It's Matzah' more professional. I have a few guest posts and reviews planned, so be on the look out.

With that being said, I have a new guest post from a new guest writer and I, for one, am really excited. A few days ago, Evan Weiss (of Wires on Fire) graciously wrote a guest post for my blog. Lead singer and guitarist, Evan anchors the band's 'in your face' style of punk with his wavering, screaming vocals. The band's debut 6 song EP, 'Homewrecker,' has been in heavy rotation for me in the past few months (and to think, it still hasn't lost it's kick!) As far as I know, the band is planning a split release (in June) with Record Collection's Mean Reds and a west coast co-headlining tour in the summer in support of the release. In addition, UK label Bloodloss Collective also plans to release a Wires on Fire 7" (in June). Again, big thanks to Evan Weiss for his guest post:

Image hosted by
Evan Weiss

I was looking through my collection of music, trying to decide what to write about... then I saw a gem that I havent listened to in years... here we go:

Stikky - Spamthology Volume 1
Sound Pollution Records

When I was in the 8th grade I was in a band called War Wagon with my good friend who we called DoRF. He was into lots of crust, thrash, and political punk. He turned me onto this record, and I played it a lot. Stikky featured Chris Dodge, who later went on to form bay area trash legends, Spazz. Stikky were part of the late 80's Berkeley scene (they played with Op Ivy, Neurosis, released records on Lookout, etc..) I never hear anyone talk about them (maybe for good reason, haha), and almost forgot about them until I was at the Lookout! Records office and saw a framed Stikky photo on the wall. YES! Fast, silly, punk music, with a great sense of humor. Lyrically, they often attacked the scene from which they came from. My favorite line comes from "Band In DC" (Bad Brains reference... get it?). "Ian McKaye to copy we try, our master, our lord, our Rasta Far I." Other great song titles include "Girls Suck," "Girls Still Suck," "Tim Yohannan's Christmas Present" "Cheese Is Fantastic," "Cheese Is Still Fantastic," "I Love Fonzie," and "Floppy Ass." 48 songs! Check it out. At times I can be pretty nostalgic, and this record brings me back to a really fun time in my life, when I was discovering a whole new world of music I never knew existed.

Thanks Evan.

In Other News:

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The Icarus Line released a new song, 'Fashion Fever,' on their website, Separate the Sounds. Give it a listen.


I just discovered a relatively new blog, devoted to the music industry, called Coolfer.


Fanzine Terminal Boredom talks to Mark Sultan (of BBQ and Spaceshits fame):

Keep your eyes open people. 'Get the Door, It's Matzah' is back!


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