Monday, April 18, 2005

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Karen O. & Squeak E. Clean - Hello Tomorrow (Adidas Version)
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Let me begin with the observation that 'Hello Tomorrow' is a strange fucking song. Originally set to a bizarre Adidas commercial directed by Karen O's boyfriend, indie filmmaker Spike Jonze, the song holds less weight alone than it does paired with the Adidas commercial. The first song from a secret side project between Squeak E. Clean Productions and Yeah Yeah Yeah's frontwoman Karen O, 'Hello Tomorrow' is definitely spacy, with Karen O's distant vocals, calm acoustic guitar, and echoing xylaphone. As it picks up with added piano and violin, the song becomes more interesting. The piano and violin almost bring 'Hello Tomorrow' back to the listener, making the music sound less distant. Listening to this song, you can't help but feel isolated in a fantasy world, as Karen O's voice surrounds you and encourages you to "Go where the lights go dark." 'Hello Tomorrow' would better complement an acid trip or a delusional state, but otherwise, this song is better forgotten.

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