Saturday, April 30, 2005

Matzah Reviews LIVE (Brother Reade @ Knitting Factory)

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Brother Reade (© Andrew Jacobsen)

"It's refreshing to see rappers without do-rags or spinning belt buckles," comments my companion Jacobsen, before Record Collection's newly signed Brother Reade hit the stage at the Knitting Factory's Divebomb night. Jacobsen's right. With Jimmy on vocals and Erin on turntable, Brother Reade reminded me on Wednesday night what good hip hop sounds like by bringing it back to the basics: one mic, a turntable, and a lot of energy. Minus the ego, Brother Reade's songs were intelligent and targeted subjects more important than smokin' blunts and drinking Henessey.

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(© Matzah)

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(© Matzah)

The indie crowd in attendance were reserved at first (myself included), possibly more concerned with their 3 dollar vodka specials than the music. Into their third song, 'Benji Got the Big Head' (one of the better songs of their set), Brother Reade had the audience in the palms of their hands, begging for more with heads bobbing in unison to Erin's beats. They ended their set with a bang, my personal favorite, 'The Marcie Song,' an anthem set to a floor shaking beat complemented by soothing vocals with provocative lyrics. Unbelievable! But don't just take my word for it, go see Brother Reade perform yourself.

Matzah's Rating:

Set List:
1. Oboe (We Ain't Scared to Hustle)
2. Friday
3. Benji Got the Big Head
4. The Loft Party Classics
5. Seven Leagues
6. The Marcie Song


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Anonymous Ant Taylor said...

Antdogg tells you like it is! All the way from da Kackahlack comes my mans Jimmy and i'm not sure where Erin is from but he seems cool as F$%^. I went to the show in Sacramento on 10/29/05 not knowing who Brother Reade was, and left knowing this Act is up and coming and will bust heads open with talent and style. Yo Jimmy get at me!

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