Friday, April 22, 2005

Matzah Reviews + LA Weekly Interviews Gang of Four

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The White Stripes - Blue Orchid
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After hearing 'Blue Orchid,' I first thought to myself, "Why does Jack White sound so pre-pubescent?" 'Blue Orchid' exemplifies not only Jack White's unusually high voice, but also Meg White's elementary drumming (it's amazing to me that she can keep time, barely.) The song's cheap thrill lies in Jack White's guitar, which leaves you dissatisfied midway through the song. Somehow, the White Stripes typically provide filler in their sound, despite using simply a guitar and drums. 'Blue Orchid' lacks that filler, leaving their sound lacking. You'd think you could hear something like this at a high school battle of the bands, with Meg White's simple drumming and Jack White's repetitive guitar. Instead, the White Stripes graciously provide us with 'Blue Orchid' by mainstream means. Though they may have scored a hit with the teenage 'indie' crowd, 'Blue Orchid' lacks emotional or intellectual depth and ends in a short, anti climactic manner at 2:37. Simply put, press skip next time this dull song pops up on your IPod.

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LA Weekly interviews Gang of Four here.


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