Saturday, March 12, 2005

PGMG/Dios Malos have infiltrated my eardrums + Matzah's SXSW  Artist of the Day (Part 2 - Daniel Johnston)

To begin this entry, I saw Pretty Girls Make Graves tonight with Kill Me Tomorrow and Dios Malos tonight. The culmination of the three blew my brains out and I fucking loved every minute of it. Props to Cali Dewitt for the guest list tickets (and pictures) and his hot tamale Meghan "Leggo my Mego" Edwards. Happy 21st Birthday! Here are some pictures from the show:

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The band at full steam.

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PGMG Bassist Derek Fudesco backstage, worn out from the show.

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Myself and the band playing behind me.

With that being said, I'm glad to post my second artist in...

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Matzah's SXSW Artist of the Day:

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Daniel Johnston

An important influence to an array of artists, spanning from Kurt Cobain (notoriously known for wearing Johnston t-shirts during interviews) to Beck to T.V. On The Radio to Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Daniel Johnston has been making music consistently for the past 20 years. His success lies in a series of homemade, lo-fi tape cassettes he circulated to friends and fans in the early 80's (while Johnston handed his tapes out for free to anyone who would listen, local Austin record stores still sold Johnston's tapes, which became local best sellers. The beauty of Johnston's unrefined music lies in it's simplicity, as he keeps his songs direct and honest. Through his music, Johnston conveys an unmistakable sadness with his voice, fueled by an ongoing bout with manic depression, often accompanied by a piano and/or guitar. Ever since the early 1980s, Johnston's creativity has earned him a somewhat international cult status among the music community and his fans. With 13 albums available, go check out Johnston's online store and purchase an album here:

I'm going to start off by adding to my Johnston mp3 collection with the purchase of his most intriguing release, The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered, featuring ten of Johnston's songs and ten artists (including Beck, Clem Snide, Eels, and TV on the Radio) covering the same songs. If you have other Johnston album suggestions, feel free to post them.

Click here to listen to 'Rock This Town' by Daniel Johnston (as well as songs from other SXSW 2005 artists):
(scroll down to Daniel Johnston)

Johnston's SXSW Tour Dates:

2005-March 19
Austin, Texas - ACC 4:45 pm MOIVE possible appearance after movie

2005-March 17
Austin, Texas - ACC 4:30 pm MOVIE possible appearance after moive

2005-March 17
Austin, Texasw - Daniel LIVE at Cactus Club 9 pm

2005-March 16
Austin, Texas - with Ron English at Escapist bookstore, 2209 South First Street between Live Oak and Oltorf 6 pm

2005-March 16
Austin, Texas - Daniel LIVE at Austin Music Awards - 3 songs televised 9 pm


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