Monday, March 14, 2005

Matzah's SXSW Artist of the Day (Part 3 - Wires On Fire)

I'm especially excited to profile my next SXSW Artist of the Day. Their music was introduced to me by my friend Sam Sunchild and they've been in my cd player every since. Get the Door, It's Matzah! proudly presents:

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Matzah's SXSW Artist of the Day:

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Wires On Fire

Hailing from the City of Angels, Wires On Fire bring back true punk music to the Los Angeles music scene. Drawing from a range of influences, spanning from Black Sabbath to The Birthday Party to Drive Like Jehu, Evan, Michael, Jeff, and Darren (the recent addition to the band with the departure of drummer Dash Hutton) play an exhilerating blend of alternative punk, whose energy reverberates in the ears of their audience. Their music radiates a unique intensity, with pounding drums, gritty, melodic guitar, and thumping bass, complemented by raw screaming. Wires On Fire' contribution to punk music hasn't gone unnoticed, having toured with The Fall, The Mean Reds, The Icarus Line, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Death From Above 1979, and Dillinger Escape Plan, among others.

Listen to songs by Wires On Fire on their first Buddyhead release 'Homewrecker':

Wires On Fire SXSW Tour Dates:

March 16th
611 E. 7th Street
Austin, TX 78701
w/ The Starvations, Radio Vago, Temper Temper, and Your Highness (ex-Christiansen)
8:00 PM
Wires on Fire set time 10:00 PM

March 18th
Buddyhead / Satellite City Party @ Soho Lounge
217 E. 6th st.
Austin TX 78701
Noon – 5pm
w/Darker My Love, Raking Bombs, Subtitle, The WPP, Radio Vago, and Die Princess Die. Free Booze.
Wires on Fire set time: 4:00 PM

March 19th
1809 E 6TH ST.,
Austin, TX 73301
w/Dead Meadow, Oxes, Early Man, Coachwips, Wives, Big Bear, and Black Fire Revalation.
12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

If you're interested, check out WOF drummer Darren Weiss' other band, Belladonna:


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