Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Matzah's Month of March (Day 1)

Nicky P. has an EP for sale that you can buy, titled "Something to Sell". Order one from Record Collection or pick one up when you go see him play on the Taste of Chaos Tour (Acoustic Tent). You Hotel Cafe enthusiasts (Goob and Aranna especially) will enjoy the work of Nicky P.

Here's the Bio for Nicky P, brought to you from the fine folks at Record Collection:
"Nicky P is 23 years old. Most 23 years olds are fresh out of college and facing the challenges of the "real world" for the first time. Nicky P is not like most 23 year olds. The only reason that up until now you've heard of musicians like John Mayer and Dashboard Confessional and have not heard about Nicky P, is because Nicky has been in rehab and jail. Underneath his model-handsome good looks and perfect pop song structure is a darkness rarely seen in young singer songwriters. And it makes for better songs.... These songs are about life - REAL LIFE - not puppy love. Record Collection is proud to introduce you to Nicky P. The face of the teenage heartthrob is about to change."

I just ordered the Mars Volta "12 from GSL (featuring the non album track Frances the Mute and a live, acoustic version of The Widow). It won't be shipped until March 22, unfortunately, but I can wait.
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I also bought "Frances the Mute" by the Mars Volta (Strom Thorgerson did a great job with the artwork), "Group Sex" by Circle Jerks, and "Leave No Ashes" by Burning Brides at Tower Records in Santa Monica today. Next on the list, the first Specials album and old Bronx EPs.

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Mars Volta - Frances The Mute

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Circle Jerks - Group Sex

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Burning Brides - Leave No Ashes

I'm seeing the Rolling Blackouts (Record Collection), Radio Vago (Buddyhead), Darker My Love, and Famous Men at the Smell on Thursday night. Come buy me a drink and see some good bands play.

If you're interested in hearing some tracks from the new, unreleased Fiona Apple album, entitled Extraordinary Machine, click here:

Support good music. Listen to "Waddlin' Around" by the King Khan and BBQ Show here:
Click on "Waddlin' Around"
(That's dedicated to you, Goob)


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