Saturday, March 26, 2005

Jessie (from DFA1979) punched me in the stomach + SXSW Muses from OC Weekly (a MUST read!)

Well, actually, Jessie didn't punch me in the stomach. But, apparently, he did punch a female fan in the stomach, who, in turn, threw a tantrum and walked onstage only to complain to him (as shown below):

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Among the jeers and cheers from the crowd (which included James Tweedy, Jorma Vik, and Matt Caughthran [of The Bronx], Skot [of 400 Blows], Dan Monick [Photographer], and 'LA Royal Rock Sleaze' Cali Dewitt) were the urges of drummer Sebastian, who encouraged the injured fan to punch Jessie in his stomach. Instead, she chose to pull him aside (onstage, mind you) and complain to him, prompting the crowd and Sebastian to boo her offstage.

As for their set, they were fantastic. Unfortunately, I became tired mid-set from the two Red Bulls I drank earlier, but nevertheless, I had a great time. The melodic, heavily-distorted bass lines and thundering drums almost beckon you to mosh, which most of the audience participated in, willingly or not.

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If you don't own a copy of Death From Above 1979's highly acclaimed album, You're a Woman, I'm a Machine, go out and buy it...NOW!

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Death From Above 1979 - You're a Woman, I'm a Machine

To purchase this album from, click here:

Earlier, the Icarus Line performed new material they've been working on, in hopes of scoring a new record deal (or so I hear.) This was their first show (I think) without former guitarist Aaron North, who recently joined Trent Reznor's Nine Inch Nails. Their set was interesting, to say the least. I had heard, prior to the show, that their new material was taking a step further in the direction of Penane Soiree: a more grungy, dark sound. This appears to be true. With Don Devore now on guitar (having switched from the bass after Aaron's departure) and new bassist Caleb Scofield (of Cave-In), the Icarus Line played 9 songs, all of which, were brand new (with the exceptions of 'Spit On It' and 'Caviar,' both from Penance Soiree.) For me, it was too hard to fully soak in the new material. Matzah's verdict? It's too early to give an opinion. However, they did play a song called 'Fashion Fever' (possibly the single?) with screaching guitars and a gloomy bass line, which I really enjoyed.

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Lead Singer Joe Cardamone

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Guitarist Don Devore

Here is the Icarus Line setlist from tonight's show at the Echo:

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1. Golden Rush
2. Caviar
3. Watch Your Step
4. Frankfurt Smile
5. Victory Garden
6. Fashion Fever
7. Cut The Herd
8. Slayer
9. Spit On It

Thanks for coming Kate:

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Love the Eyes!


Complements of the OC Weekly:

On the Mean Reds:
"Mean Reds: 'Suck by suck WORST!' they were yelling, wearing painters’ smocks over jeans. They’re ripping off Bad Brains, etc., a lot these days, which is a welcome graduation from ripping off Le Shok. Kids shooting for the stars—always a beautiful thing. LA royal rock sleaze holding court: Aoki, Frankie Chan, Cobrasnake, maybe Cali DeWitt, camouflaged by facial hair."

On the Rolling Blackouts:
"Rolling Blackouts played the same songs they’ve played for two years, plus two new ones. They need to get famous soon or at least land a residency on a cruise ship [...] It’s always nice to see the Blackouts—they’re the friendly sort of guys who’ll yank you off the street into a van and then put drugs in you."

Thanks OC Weekly!


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