Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter, Mother Fuckers + Additions + Kanye West collaberates with...

Happy Easter to you all. In celebration, I will be smoking a bowl shortly.


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It appears that independant punk label, Buddyhead, is revamping it's site. Travis Keller and company have added two new interviews:
Mark Arm (of Mudhoney)
Devendra Banhart


Medication: A Buddyhead MP3 Blog


Studio Drummer Matt Chamberlain announced today on his website,, that not only is he working with Kanye West on Kanye's sophmore release to College Dropout, but also that the producer is none other than the brilliant Jon Brion! According to Chamberlain:

"Right now I am in L.A. tracking drums with Kanye West--Jon Brion is producing the record and I think it is some of the most innovative Hip-Hop music that I have heard in a long time"

I, for one, am very excited about the collaberation between West and Brion; both are innovative producers and out of the box thinkers in their respective genres and, hopefully, the combination of the two minds will create something memorable.

Check it out for yourself:


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