Thursday, March 31, 2005

Matzah Reviews + UPenn Loves Sonic Youth

Hello to you all. I apologize for not posting in a few days, I've been working obsessively on a review I'm debuting tonight. In case you haven't caught on, I've decided to add another feature to my blog, called 'Matzah Reviews.' For the time being, I primarily plan to review new singles. Hopefully, I can increase my vocabulary and strengthen my writing skills, with the hopes of eventually reviewing albums. Without further ado, I'm proud to present the first of many reviews:

Matzah Reviews:

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Death From Above 1979 - Better Off Dead (Single)
[Now Available for Purchase on ITunes]

Clocking in at 2:19, 'Better Off Dead' reaffirms DFA1979's talent for writing short, catchy songs. With rapid fire drums, contorted bass, and drummer Sebastian Grainger's wailing vocals, 'Better Off Dead' definitely falls in line with DFA1979's older material. However, 'Better Off Dead' lacks certain elements of the DFA1979 style, the most noticeable being the synth, which DFA1979 generally relies on for added depth. Bassist Jessie Keeler also contributes stronger backup vocals, in comparison to his efforts on 'You're a Woman, I'm a Machine.' With that being said, 'Better Off Dead' is a catchy song. However, stacked against their older material, 'Better Off Dead' doesn't come close. With the song's unusually memorable chorus and distorted, melodic bass, Producer Paul Epworth (who also produced Bloc Party and Futureheads) may have geared DFA1979's dance-grunge sound towards a wider audience. I've heard better from DFA1979, but I applaud their efforts nevertheless on 'Better Off Dead' and I can't wait to hear more material!

Matzah's Rating:


'Go Play Somewhere Else,' says UPenn Students to Sonic Youth.


MTV's 'You Hear It First' profiles Death From Above 1979. If MTV thinks it's cool, shouldn't you catch on by now?


Big thanks to Scott at Strange Reaction for linking me to his site. His dedication to punk music has put forth a great read: an in-depth blog, covering many genres within punk music. Having covered the Misfits, the Wipers, Nervous Gender, and Black Flag (among many other bands), Scott also releases great songs (often b-sides or sessions) with each post. What are you waiting for? Go check his shit out.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Ambitious Outsiders Did WHAT?!?

Thanks to Chris at Ambitious Outsiders for linking Get the Door, It's Matzah!

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter, Mother Fuckers + Additions + Kanye West collaberates with...

Happy Easter to you all. In celebration, I will be smoking a bowl shortly.


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It appears that independant punk label, Buddyhead, is revamping it's site. Travis Keller and company have added two new interviews:
Mark Arm (of Mudhoney)
Devendra Banhart


Medication: A Buddyhead MP3 Blog


Studio Drummer Matt Chamberlain announced today on his website,, that not only is he working with Kanye West on Kanye's sophmore release to College Dropout, but also that the producer is none other than the brilliant Jon Brion! According to Chamberlain:

"Right now I am in L.A. tracking drums with Kanye West--Jon Brion is producing the record and I think it is some of the most innovative Hip-Hop music that I have heard in a long time"

I, for one, am very excited about the collaberation between West and Brion; both are innovative producers and out of the box thinkers in their respective genres and, hopefully, the combination of the two minds will create something memorable.

Check it out for yourself:

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Jessie (from DFA1979) punched me in the stomach + SXSW Muses from OC Weekly (a MUST read!)

Well, actually, Jessie didn't punch me in the stomach. But, apparently, he did punch a female fan in the stomach, who, in turn, threw a tantrum and walked onstage only to complain to him (as shown below):

Image hosted by

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Among the jeers and cheers from the crowd (which included James Tweedy, Jorma Vik, and Matt Caughthran [of The Bronx], Skot [of 400 Blows], Dan Monick [Photographer], and 'LA Royal Rock Sleaze' Cali Dewitt) were the urges of drummer Sebastian, who encouraged the injured fan to punch Jessie in his stomach. Instead, she chose to pull him aside (onstage, mind you) and complain to him, prompting the crowd and Sebastian to boo her offstage.

As for their set, they were fantastic. Unfortunately, I became tired mid-set from the two Red Bulls I drank earlier, but nevertheless, I had a great time. The melodic, heavily-distorted bass lines and thundering drums almost beckon you to mosh, which most of the audience participated in, willingly or not.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

If you don't own a copy of Death From Above 1979's highly acclaimed album, You're a Woman, I'm a Machine, go out and buy it...NOW!

Image hosted by
Death From Above 1979 - You're a Woman, I'm a Machine

To purchase this album from, click here:

Earlier, the Icarus Line performed new material they've been working on, in hopes of scoring a new record deal (or so I hear.) This was their first show (I think) without former guitarist Aaron North, who recently joined Trent Reznor's Nine Inch Nails. Their set was interesting, to say the least. I had heard, prior to the show, that their new material was taking a step further in the direction of Penane Soiree: a more grungy, dark sound. This appears to be true. With Don Devore now on guitar (having switched from the bass after Aaron's departure) and new bassist Caleb Scofield (of Cave-In), the Icarus Line played 9 songs, all of which, were brand new (with the exceptions of 'Spit On It' and 'Caviar,' both from Penance Soiree.) For me, it was too hard to fully soak in the new material. Matzah's verdict? It's too early to give an opinion. However, they did play a song called 'Fashion Fever' (possibly the single?) with screaching guitars and a gloomy bass line, which I really enjoyed.

Image hosted by
Lead Singer Joe Cardamone

Image hosted by
Guitarist Don Devore

Here is the Icarus Line setlist from tonight's show at the Echo:

Image hosted by

1. Golden Rush
2. Caviar
3. Watch Your Step
4. Frankfurt Smile
5. Victory Garden
6. Fashion Fever
7. Cut The Herd
8. Slayer
9. Spit On It

Thanks for coming Kate:

Image hosted by
Love the Eyes!


Complements of the OC Weekly:

On the Mean Reds:
"Mean Reds: 'Suck by suck WORST!' they were yelling, wearing painters’ smocks over jeans. They’re ripping off Bad Brains, etc., a lot these days, which is a welcome graduation from ripping off Le Shok. Kids shooting for the stars—always a beautiful thing. LA royal rock sleaze holding court: Aoki, Frankie Chan, Cobrasnake, maybe Cali DeWitt, camouflaged by facial hair."

On the Rolling Blackouts:
"Rolling Blackouts played the same songs they’ve played for two years, plus two new ones. They need to get famous soon or at least land a residency on a cruise ship [...] It’s always nice to see the Blackouts—they’re the friendly sort of guys who’ll yank you off the street into a van and then put drugs in you."

Thanks OC Weekly!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

"I went to Ojai and all I caught was an autistic child"

Yes, I am back from Ojai with renewed enthusiasm and I'm ready to post. So here it goes...

Matzah's Shows to Watch Out For - MARCH EDITION (Thanks to thorough LA fanzine

Thursday, March 24 - These Arms Are Snakes @ the Echo
Thursday, March 24 - The Decemberists @ the Henry Fonda
Friday, March 25 - Death from Above 1979 @ the Echo (Just bought tickets now for this one)
Friday, March 25 - the Mae Shi @ the Smell
Friday, March 25 - Bob Dylan @ Pantages Theatre
Saturday, March 26 - Bob Dylan @ Pantages Theatre
Saturday, March 26 - Ash/The Bravery @ the Troubadour (SUPPORT RECORD COLLECTION ARTISTS)
Sunday, March 27 - Ash/The Bravery @ the Troubadour (SUPPORT RECORD COLLECTION ARTISTS)
Monday, March 28 - Handsome Boy Modeling School @ House of Blues Sunset Strip

In other news, historic New York club CBGB is under fire, because of a newly implemented rent increase. Help save the club and preserve the history behind it! Plus, you can get fat eating chocolate at the same time, according to

"Among the efforts to save landmark New York punk venue CBGB is a collection of limited-edition treats from Gotham candy store Chocolate Bar. The confectioner is introducing the $25 CBGBs Punk Rock Box, a 16-piece truffle collection that includes a postage-paid petition to save CBGB, a steel logo keychain and a collection of CBGB stickers. For the budget-minded yet concerned punk, there are $3 CBGB Retro Bars wrapped in a limited-edition CBGB keepsake package that includes the postage-paid petition. Both items will be available in May, but can be pre-ordered through the store's Web site or by calling 800-481-2462. All proceeds will benefit the club's campaign to keep its doors open."

Want Some?

With that being said, here are some photographs of artists who have performed at the historic venue over the years:

Image hosted by
Richard Hell, CBGB, 1978. Singing "All the Way"

Image hosted by
The Ramones, CBGB, 1977. The kids are all hopped up and ready to go. View from sidestage.

Image hosted by
The Jam in the dressing room before they played at CBGB October 15, 1977. It was their first tour to the states.


Thurston Moore (of Sonic Youth fame) discusses the mix tape with Wired:

For the IPod obsessed:


Beck discusses his new album, Guero, with Billboard:

What are Tom Waits' 20 'most cherished' albums? Find out here:,13887,1439272,00.html

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

GUEST POST: Cali Dewitt

I'm too fucking tired to post. Fortunately, I have a guest post from Cali, penis free. Enjoy!

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Cali Dewitt

Top 5 7"s to hunt down and find -

Hue Blancs Joyless Ones - Trick knee records
Carbonas -Frothing At The Mouth - Douchemaster records
Tyrades - On Your Video - Smartguy records
Fucked Up - Baiting The Public - Deranged Records
Feelers - Fuhrers Mini Skirt - Contaminated records

Just go to and mailorder away.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Matzah's SXSW Artist of the Day (Part 3 - Wires On Fire)

I'm especially excited to profile my next SXSW Artist of the Day. Their music was introduced to me by my friend Sam Sunchild and they've been in my cd player every since. Get the Door, It's Matzah! proudly presents:

Image hosted by
Matzah's SXSW Artist of the Day:

Image hosted by
Wires On Fire

Hailing from the City of Angels, Wires On Fire bring back true punk music to the Los Angeles music scene. Drawing from a range of influences, spanning from Black Sabbath to The Birthday Party to Drive Like Jehu, Evan, Michael, Jeff, and Darren (the recent addition to the band with the departure of drummer Dash Hutton) play an exhilerating blend of alternative punk, whose energy reverberates in the ears of their audience. Their music radiates a unique intensity, with pounding drums, gritty, melodic guitar, and thumping bass, complemented by raw screaming. Wires On Fire' contribution to punk music hasn't gone unnoticed, having toured with The Fall, The Mean Reds, The Icarus Line, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Death From Above 1979, and Dillinger Escape Plan, among others.

Listen to songs by Wires On Fire on their first Buddyhead release 'Homewrecker':

Wires On Fire SXSW Tour Dates:

March 16th
611 E. 7th Street
Austin, TX 78701
w/ The Starvations, Radio Vago, Temper Temper, and Your Highness (ex-Christiansen)
8:00 PM
Wires on Fire set time 10:00 PM

March 18th
Buddyhead / Satellite City Party @ Soho Lounge
217 E. 6th st.
Austin TX 78701
Noon – 5pm
w/Darker My Love, Raking Bombs, Subtitle, The WPP, Radio Vago, and Die Princess Die. Free Booze.
Wires on Fire set time: 4:00 PM

March 19th
1809 E 6TH ST.,
Austin, TX 73301
w/Dead Meadow, Oxes, Early Man, Coachwips, Wives, Big Bear, and Black Fire Revalation.
12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

If you're interested, check out WOF drummer Darren Weiss' other band, Belladonna:

Saturday, March 12, 2005

PGMG/Dios Malos have infiltrated my eardrums + Matzah's SXSW  Artist of the Day (Part 2 - Daniel Johnston)

To begin this entry, I saw Pretty Girls Make Graves tonight with Kill Me Tomorrow and Dios Malos tonight. The culmination of the three blew my brains out and I fucking loved every minute of it. Props to Cali Dewitt for the guest list tickets (and pictures) and his hot tamale Meghan "Leggo my Mego" Edwards. Happy 21st Birthday! Here are some pictures from the show:

Image hosted by
The band at full steam.

Image hosted by
PGMG Bassist Derek Fudesco backstage, worn out from the show.

Image hosted by
Myself and the band playing behind me.

With that being said, I'm glad to post my second artist in...

Image hosted by
Matzah's SXSW Artist of the Day:

Image hosted by
Daniel Johnston

An important influence to an array of artists, spanning from Kurt Cobain (notoriously known for wearing Johnston t-shirts during interviews) to Beck to T.V. On The Radio to Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Daniel Johnston has been making music consistently for the past 20 years. His success lies in a series of homemade, lo-fi tape cassettes he circulated to friends and fans in the early 80's (while Johnston handed his tapes out for free to anyone who would listen, local Austin record stores still sold Johnston's tapes, which became local best sellers. The beauty of Johnston's unrefined music lies in it's simplicity, as he keeps his songs direct and honest. Through his music, Johnston conveys an unmistakable sadness with his voice, fueled by an ongoing bout with manic depression, often accompanied by a piano and/or guitar. Ever since the early 1980s, Johnston's creativity has earned him a somewhat international cult status among the music community and his fans. With 13 albums available, go check out Johnston's online store and purchase an album here:

I'm going to start off by adding to my Johnston mp3 collection with the purchase of his most intriguing release, The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered, featuring ten of Johnston's songs and ten artists (including Beck, Clem Snide, Eels, and TV on the Radio) covering the same songs. If you have other Johnston album suggestions, feel free to post them.

Click here to listen to 'Rock This Town' by Daniel Johnston (as well as songs from other SXSW 2005 artists):
(scroll down to Daniel Johnston)

Johnston's SXSW Tour Dates:

2005-March 19
Austin, Texas - ACC 4:45 pm MOIVE possible appearance after movie

2005-March 17
Austin, Texas - ACC 4:30 pm MOVIE possible appearance after moive

2005-March 17
Austin, Texasw - Daniel LIVE at Cactus Club 9 pm

2005-March 16
Austin, Texas - with Ron English at Escapist bookstore, 2209 South First Street between Live Oak and Oltorf 6 pm

2005-March 16
Austin, Texas - Daniel LIVE at Austin Music Awards - 3 songs televised 9 pm

Monday, March 07, 2005

GUEST POST: Cali Dewitt

In lieu of posting Matzah's SXSW Artist of the Day, I decided to add a post from a guest writer, Mr. Cali Dewitt (the Babyman himself!) Considered the A&R man for Record Collection, President and sole Employee of True Love Records, a renegade DJ, and one of the coolest dudes I've had the pleasure of meeting, Cali has an amazingly diverse and deep taste in music. Having collected nearly 5,000 records and smoked nearly double that in cigarettes in his 30 plus years, Cali Dewitt brings knowledge, wisdom, and humor to the table. Without any further introduction, here is the first guest post to my blog (completely uncensored and unedited):

Image hosted by
Cali Dewitt

Honey Bane - You Can Be You 7"
I've been trying to get ahold of this Crass Records release for years. It is a young [14] girl , Honey Bane , backed by various members of Crass.
Her high pitched feminine whining against that weird crassy song structure winds up sounding better than I could have even hoped . The 10 bucks I paid was a pittance! The a-side is the biggest winner, but the anti pornography rant on the b-side , 'Porno Grows' is almost just as good. Find and buy.

Image hosted by
a sweet shot of Anthonys' Sin Stick.

*If you weren't disgusted or horrified by Cali's post, visit his blog, Cali's Corner, at

NOTE: I have opened up my blog for comments from anyone, regardless of whether you are registered with or not. Feel free to post!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Matzah's SXSW Artist of the Day (Part 1 - 400 Blows)

First, I know you all must be wondering, 'Is Matzah Going To SXSW?' Unfortunately, no, my friends. Instead, I will be hugging trees and making friends with squirrels in Ojai. Sounds fun doesn't it?

The bands playing the South By Southwest festival (in Austin, Texas) have really caught my eye this year. With so many interesting acts playing this year (not to mention some of the Record Collection bands as well), I would love to go. However, as previously mentioned before, I will be sucking on bark in Ojai. So until SXSW Music begins (on March 16), I have decided to profile bands playing SXSW this year. This section will be called...

Image hosted by
Matzah's SXSW Artist of the Day:

Image hosted by
400 Blows

From Los Angeles, 400 Blows have made a name for themselves, playing shithole venues all over the city. A three piece band, (Ferdinand-Drums, Skot-Vocals, and Christian-Guitar), the guys play songs that make you want to go fucking crazy. The band attributes this, in part, to, "the drummer and the guitarist lock[ing] themselves into taut, relentless, rhythm heavy grooves. The vocalist then skillfully bobs, weaves and jabs his way around these syncopated, complex compositions of noise with his caustic brand of story telling." Even if you're not into metal (which I completely understand), 400 Blows play a unique live show. So go for the experience, if not anything else. Here are their SXSW dates:

Austin, TX (SXSW)
Emo's/GSL+31G Showcase

Austin, TX (SXSW)
Backroom/Skyscraper Magazine Party

Austin, TX (SXSW)
Emo's/GSL+Ace Fu Party

Austin, TX (SXSW)
The Vibe/L.A. Rock Riots

Austin, TX (SXSW)
Narnack Showcase
afternoon party

Austin, TX (FXFW)
Lombardi Gallery/Fuck By Fuck You
starts 1pm, we play 8:30pm

Image hosted by
They will also be playing on March 10 at the Knitting Factory with Some Girls and Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower. I'll see you all there.

Click here to listen to 'The Root of our Nature,' 'The Ugly are so Beautiful,' and 'Mortar and Pestle' (all from 'Black Rainbow'):

Thursday, March 03, 2005

'Octopus Too' Playing in a Town Nearest You

Those Mean Reds are at it again. This time, they're touring with none other than...Blood Brothers!

Live from the Mean Reds Merch Table (Thanks Cali!):
Image hosted by

Apparently, aside from selling copies of their latest EP, 'Some Sort of Adventure Through History,' they're now selling penis collages and $1 kisses. Don't miss out. These offers are selling for a limited time only, so act fast.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

WIERD: Ben Lee Did What?!

That's right folks. Ben Lee performed on Conan O' Brien tonight.

But, this performance was different from the typical late night musical performance. Ben Lee performed the pop single "Catch My Disease" (from his new album 'Awake is the New Sleep') with a band (that's to be expected) and eight backup singers (slightly unusual). Amongst the backup singers, clapping and singing, were none other than DJ Kid Millionaire/Dim Mak Prez Steve Aoki (very unusual!) and Prince of Pop Har Mar Superstar (who, surprisingly, was fully clothed). And, towards the end, Lee improvised his song, plugging bands on his home label, Dim Mak Records and Har Mar's home label, Record Collection, by adding different bands into the lyrics:

"They play Pony Up! (Dim Mak) on the radio, and that's the way I like it. They play Har Mar Superstar (Record Collection) on the radio, and that's the way I like it."

Image hosted by
Here is the Pony Up! Bio (courtesy of Dim Mak Records):
"The latest upholders of feminine prestige in the race for hit parade honors are a commanding fivesome calling themselves Pony up!. Formed New Year' eve 2002, they spent a year together honing their skills and shaping their sound, before unleashing it on the world, debuting at a pizza parlor in Burlington, Vermont. They spent the next year wowing crowds in one-horse towns and sprawling metropolises alike, loading their gear into various clubs, art galleries, and abandonned movie theatres. Armed with a veritable arsenal of pop hits, Pony up! entered the Hotel 2 Tango studios in the fall of 2003. They cut eleven strange and wonderful tracks, seven of which are slated for an ep release in october of 2004 on Dim Mak records. Comprised of sisters, roommates, coworkers and lifelong friends, Pony up! is a genuine labor of love for all involved. With Lisa J. Smith on bass, Lindsay Wills on durms, Laura Wills on keyboards, Sarah Moundroukas on guitar, and Camilla Wynne Ingr on everything else, they rotate lead vocals and deliver inspired harmonies to a rapt audience at every show. Indeed, Montreal's phenomenal pop combo always bring down the house."

If you're interested, you can purchase the new self titled EP from Pony Up! from the Dim Mak Store. NOTE: I must admit, I've not very familiar with Pony Up!, so I can't comment on their music. With that being said, here's the link:

Image hosted by
And, last but not least, here is the Har Mar Superstar Bio (courtesy of The Fucking Best):
"LOUD. LASCIVIOUS. UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE. Who ever said suburban Minnesota white boys can’t rock your fuck? Foremost, Har Mar Superstar is an entertainer. Sent from above bearing unrequited soul and multihued briefs, the portly Casanova’s rhythms have allowed Minnesota’s Sean Tillmann the opportunity to throb his way into our heads, hearts, and pants. Not a fan? You will be. Har Mar Superstar is not a singer or a songwriter—he is a god-damned revolution. Stealing the show from brilliant acts like the Strokes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Incubus, Kelly Osborne, and Hot Hot Heat, Har Mar provides sweet relief from the music industry’s methodical ass-chaff. Har Mar Superstar fans—and they are everywhere—will attest to this, and with violent rapture. Aflame with rhythm and exuding an unnatural sex all his own, Har Mar Superstar takes the stage with a steadfast minidisc backup band, gushing out beats like he just can’t hold it any longer. And the dancing—oh, shit, the dancing…He is the fucking best."

Even if you're not much of a pop fan, Har Mar's most recent release 'The Handler' is an ass shaker, guarenteed to give you a good time. With catchy songs such as DUI and Cut Me Up (featuring Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs), you can't go wrong owning a copy of this album. Go buy it here:

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Matzah's Month of March (Day 1)

Nicky P. has an EP for sale that you can buy, titled "Something to Sell". Order one from Record Collection or pick one up when you go see him play on the Taste of Chaos Tour (Acoustic Tent). You Hotel Cafe enthusiasts (Goob and Aranna especially) will enjoy the work of Nicky P.

Here's the Bio for Nicky P, brought to you from the fine folks at Record Collection:
"Nicky P is 23 years old. Most 23 years olds are fresh out of college and facing the challenges of the "real world" for the first time. Nicky P is not like most 23 year olds. The only reason that up until now you've heard of musicians like John Mayer and Dashboard Confessional and have not heard about Nicky P, is because Nicky has been in rehab and jail. Underneath his model-handsome good looks and perfect pop song structure is a darkness rarely seen in young singer songwriters. And it makes for better songs.... These songs are about life - REAL LIFE - not puppy love. Record Collection is proud to introduce you to Nicky P. The face of the teenage heartthrob is about to change."

I just ordered the Mars Volta "12 from GSL (featuring the non album track Frances the Mute and a live, acoustic version of The Widow). It won't be shipped until March 22, unfortunately, but I can wait.
Image hosted by

I also bought "Frances the Mute" by the Mars Volta (Strom Thorgerson did a great job with the artwork), "Group Sex" by Circle Jerks, and "Leave No Ashes" by Burning Brides at Tower Records in Santa Monica today. Next on the list, the first Specials album and old Bronx EPs.

Image hosted by
Mars Volta - Frances The Mute

Image hosted by
Circle Jerks - Group Sex

Image hosted by
Burning Brides - Leave No Ashes

I'm seeing the Rolling Blackouts (Record Collection), Radio Vago (Buddyhead), Darker My Love, and Famous Men at the Smell on Thursday night. Come buy me a drink and see some good bands play.

If you're interested in hearing some tracks from the new, unreleased Fiona Apple album, entitled Extraordinary Machine, click here:

Support good music. Listen to "Waddlin' Around" by the King Khan and BBQ Show here:
Click on "Waddlin' Around"
(That's dedicated to you, Goob)